5 things I’ve learned throughout my fitness journey!!

I think it’s so important to go back and reflect on what you have learnt throughout your journey in life, not only to see what you have learned and achieved, but also to see what you could have improved on too.  So today I am doing just that, and giving you 5 things that I have learned throughout my fitness journey.  

1. Progress pictures are a must 

Yes you’ll feel silly, maybe even embarrassed, but taking progress pictures is one of, if not the best way of seeing progress.  Because you will most likely be building muscle as you are getting stronger (and muscle weighs more than fat) the scales may not be your best friend when it comes to checking your progress.  With progress pictures however, you will be able to see the physical changes that your body has made that you may not have noticed yourself.  I would recommend taking pictures every 4 weeks, including one from the front, back and side.  

2. Consistency and sustainability are so important 

If have never been to the gym before and then you decide you are going to go every day (doing 30 mins fasted cardio and 40 minutes of legs, with a few sprints too and maybe a few pull-ups) you are unlikely to be able to stick to it.  You need to work up towards that.  Instead, you may decide that 3 full body sessions each week would be perfect for you.  After 3-4 weeks of being in this consistent routine, you may then increase it to 4 sessions a week, it’s up to you.  The main point to take away is that it’s better to go fewer times each week if it means you are consistent rather than going every day for a week then not going for the rest of the month.  It is supposed to be a healthy lifestyle, so make it work for you.  

3. Just because you weren’t sore after a workout doesn’t mean you didn’t have a good workout 

Sore muscles are a sign that they have worked hard (hello DOMS), but if you wake up the next day feeling great (lucky you) that doesn’t mean your workout was pointless.  There may be a few different reasons for this.  One reason may be because your body was able to recover quickly because you fueled your body correctly afterwards.  Another may be because your body is getting used to working out like that and needs a challenge.  So switch up your workout and see if there are any changes.  

4. Cardio isn’t the only form of exercise, and lifting weights isn’t the devil 

Don’t get me wrong, cardio is great and an amazing way to keep your body healthy while also aiding in fat loss.  But doing just cardio won’t give you that dream body.  Weight lifting, it’s just for men right? Wrong.  Nowadays, more and more women are seeing the difference that weight training can do, and the truth is anyone can do it and see results.  So the ‘optimal’ way to train is to lift weights regularly and also include a bit of cardio too.  

5. There’s no ‘secret’ 

No secret diet.  No secret workout.  No secret tricks.  The best thing you can do is to be consistent and be patient, the results will come.  

So there you have it, 5 things that I’ve learned through my fitness journey.  Let me know what you think and any other things you have learned in the comments below.  



What’s in my gym bag??

My gym bag – a spacious NIKE bag with pockets inside and out, which makes it perfect to take to the gym with me

Ah, the question everyone wants an answer to, what should I take to the gym with me? 

I’d love to give you a list of everything that you will need to go to the gym and workout.  But honestly what you take with you is completely up to you!!  If you want to take a sweat towel, go ahead.  Resistance bands, throw them in.  Mid-workout snack, yes please.  If you feel that you need it or may need it either before, during or after your workout then take it with you.  

My (really old) GFG barbell pad (back) and ankle strap (front) and my locker lock

That being said, here is a guide to what I take to the gym with me: 

  • Water – hydration is so important, especially while working out so be sure to take a big water bottle with you (extra points if its a reusable water bottle) 
  • Snack – this one is dependent on you, but if like me you’re always hungry, it’s a must 
  • Locker lock and key – I ALWAYS used to forget my locker key, but now I have one with a dial so I don’t have to carry the key around the gym, gamechanger 
  • Short resistance bands – great for leg day to really get your booty burning (check my instagram for glute activation videos!) 
  • Long resistance bands – great for upper body and full body resistance training, so versatile 
  • Barbell pad – again, great for leg day, allows you to can be used for a range of exercises including hip thrusts and squats 
  • Ankle straps – I use these on leg days for cable kickbacks and cable hip abductors 
  • Sweat towel – for those cardio days 
  • Lip balm – I always find it easier to train with moisturised lips
  • Hair bobbles – just in case
  • Money – you never know when you might need it!!
My B_ND heavy resistance band and my MOCEAN long resistance band

So, there you have it, what is in my gym bag.  Let me know what you have in your gym bag down below!!



My first blog post


I’m Charlotte, I’m currently 20 and I love health and fitness. That’s why I created this blog, in order to share my passion for the gym and healthy eating with others.  I also have an instagram page so be sure to check that out too (@charlfitnessuk).  

This is me!
(taken in 2019)

I thought for my first post I’d do a little Q & A in order for you to get to know me a little better, so here it goes…

Q: how did you come up with your instagram name? 

A: quite simple really, my name is Charl, I like fitness, and I’m from the UK 

Q: are you at uni and what are you studying? 

A: yes I am, I’m currently at uni studying for a law degree 

Q: what made you start going to the gym?

A: honestly, everyone else seemed to be a ‘gymlad’ and I wanted to be one too, so as soon as I could drive I bought myself a membership 

Q: what are your hobbies?

A: I love going to the gym and being active in other ways such as running, cycling, walking and swimming 

Q: what are your future aspirations? 

A: I’m not 100% sure at the minute, I’d like to think I will have a job that I enjoy (whether it be to do with law or something similar), I’d have travelled a bit, I’m happy and I’ve made my family proud 

Q: who inspired you to create your instagram? 

A: nobody in particular, I got really into health and fitness and wanted somewhere to share my knowledge and journey with others.  I’d seen lots of other girls doing the same thing on instagram and thought I’d try it out myself.  

Q: who inspired you to create this blog?

A: again, nobody in particular.  Blogging is something that I’ve always had an interest in and something I’ve always wanted to do.  I’ve finished uni for the summer so I thought what better time to start it than now

Q: what can we expect from this blog?

A: workouts, recipes, inspiration, motivation and lots more 

Q: do you have any workout guides? 

A: no, but it is definitely something I’d love to venture into at some point 

If you have any other questions then be sure to let me know!!



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